USTA League Play

2019 Procedures


General Guidelines:

1. These guidelines and policies will be reviewed and updated as necessary.  The intent of these guidelines is to ensure all interested Hollow Rock members are given the opportunity to play USTA league tennis at their assigned NTRP level.  Guidelines and policies cannot address every possible scenario. Common sense, courtesy and ethics should be sufficient to address most every issue. These policies remain in effect until revised by the Tennis Committee and approved by the Board.  Requests for changes or additions to these guidelines should be brought before the Tennis Committee for consideration.

2. Prior to registering a Hollow Rock (HR) team with the USTA, team captains must notify the Tennis Director of their intent.  A HR team is defined as a USTA league team that has registered with the Tennis Director, abides by the non-member player guidelines below, and designates Hollow Rock as their base for home matches.

3. Courts available for league play are as follows:

    • During the day, court space is limited to 10 clay courts at 9:00 am. Additional courts or rounds of USTA matches will follow starting at 11:00 am

    • At night, up to four summer and fall Season HR USTA teams may occupy the courts at any one time for 3-line matches (i.e., 3 courts per match for a total of 12 courts) after 7:30 pm. 

    • During the spring season, up to five courts (one team) may be used for USTA play at 6:30 pm and up to 12 soft courts and 3 hard courts are available for USTA League play after 8:00 pm.  If additional soft courts are not in use nor reserved by general (i.e., non-USTA) HR members after 8:00pm, matches may be moved from hard courts to soft courts as space allows. The start time between two Hollow Rock teams will be 6:30 pm.

    • During any season, 12 soft courts will be available for USTA after 4 pm on Saturday or Sunday.

4. The Tennis Director is responsible for communicating general league information to all HR members and facilitating the placement of players on appropriate teams.

  1. The Tennis Director is responsible for distributing the Hollow Rock Racquet and Swim Club Policy and Guidelines Concerning USTA League Play to all potential HR team captains upon their request to form a USTA league team. 

  2. Team captains are responsible for providing the Tennis Director with a copy of their roster (including non-members) and communicating with the Tennis Director before the season starts so that he can facilitate players looking to join a team and ensure court reservations for scheduled matches.

  3. Prior to the start of each USTA season and after the schedules are posted, the Tennis Director will call a mandatory meeting for all USTA HR captains.  Copies of team schedules and rosters, including contact emails for all players, with non-members clearly identified, must be submitted to the Tennis Director at this meeting.   Fees for non-members on a Hollow Rock team must be paid at this meeting (see below for non-member rules/rates).  Captains will be advised that courts for matches at Hollow Rock will not be reserved until non-member fees have been paid in full.

  4. Match warm-up can only begin at the specified match times and not before.  USTA policy allows for 15 minutes of warm-up before a match begins.  Any requested changes to the USTA original match schedule must be discussed with the Tennis Director.

  5. Intra-team practices or practices involving two HR teams can be scheduled at any time by team members as courts are available using normal court reservation procedures by members.  

  6. All rescheduling of matches, for example, due to inclement weather, must be made through the Tennis Director.    Match times will be during non-prime time hours unless courts that have been designated for USTA play as described in bullet #3 above are available.  Non-prime time hours are from 11 am to 4 pm and after 8 pm on weekdays or after 4 pm on weekends. 

 Non-members on Hollow Rock USTA teams:

1. Hollow Rock teams may include up to three (3) non-members providing there are already ten (10) Hollow Rock members on a team, or if a team cannot field a full team with only Hollow Rock members.  Non-members may join a Hollow Rock team that is unable to fill a full team with only Hollow Rock members no sooner than 35 days prior to the start of the season in which that team is playing.  A non-member may only participate on a Hollow Rock team for a one season. Team captains wishing to include non-members must obtain approval from the Tennis Director prior to including non-members on a team.  The team captain will be responsible for all non-member payments including Hollow Rock’s non-member USTA fee, guest fees and clinic fees if applicable – all payments will go through the team captain’s account.

2. Effective as of the January 1, 2016 USTA season; all non-members playing on Hollow Rock teams in the spring season will pay a fee of $60 per team. Non-members participating in summer or fall teams will be required to pay a $45 fee. This will entitle them to participate in all official team practices and matches.  The team captain is responsible for ensuring the non-member fee has been paid once the non-member has joined the team.  Non-members also are required to fill out a HR registration form including emergency contact information for player. If a non-member chooses to participate in club-run clinics or recreational play with a member, the team captain/member will be responsible for payment of clinic/guest fees for their

3. Exceptions to this non-members policy should be presented to the Tennis Director for review and will be allowed only with approval.

Communication with HR USTA league players and Visiting Teams

1. Captains must communicate with their players regarding a player’s expected role on the team

2. Captains or their designee should inform visitors of Hollow Rock’s check-in policy and greet visiting team players as they arrive.

3. When participating on a USTA team, you are representing our Club.  Please make sure to uphold our values, promote good sportsmanship, and be welcoming and friendly towards guests from visiting teams.  It is vital to the Club’s reputation that its character is positively upheld.