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Chris Sansone

My wife, Harriet, and I moved to Durham, NC in July of 2012, from San Angelo, Texas.  We have two children (Bryan - 34 and Cassidy - 30), who live in Dallas, TX and Austin, TX respectively. I worked for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service for 31 years.  My last position was as an Extension Entomologist (Insects) and Associate Department Head for Extension Entomology.  I retired from Texas A&M in 2012 to work for Bayer CropScience in their seeds division.  My responsibilities with Bayer were in regulatory affairs - i.e. making sure Bayer met their reporting requirements for genetically modified cotton with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  I retired from Bayer in November of 2018.

 I joined Hollow Rock in October of 2017.  My interest in running for the board comes from the positive experiences I have had with the personnel and facilities.  I would like to be a part of the group that helps in developing those experiences.  My different jobs have provided experiences in managing people (up to 40 when I was an Associate Department Head) and managing budgets, including both strategically building a budget to develop new programs as well as making cuts.  The primary lesson I have learned is that you let people do their jobs and as a manager you try to take the obstacles out of their way to help them succeed.

 From what I have seen and experience, Hollow Rock seems to understand this principle and I look forward to continuing the efforts if elected.

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Sue Behringer

I have lived in Durham for more than 35 years and have been a member of Hollow Rock for more than 15 years.  I am a year-round lap swimmer and appreciate the ability to swim close to 24/7.  I have been on the Hollow Rock Swim Committee for several years. 

I think it is important that our Board be representative of all aspects of Hollow Rock and would be pleased to represent the lap swimmers. I also believe that what makes Hollow Rock the great place it is is that we have so many things we offer, and they are all important.  There are untapped synergies between swimming and tennis which I would love to help explore.  Although I do not currently play tennis at Hollow Rock because of a knee injury, I played tennis for years at the Duke Faculty Club and love and appreciate the sport.

I have a degree in French and Secondary Education from Duke University and currently work as the French liaison for a wine import company.   In the past, I ran a small business which gave me financial skills that would be useful on the Board.  I have volunteered all my adult life: currently I teach school programs in the Duke Gardens, co-chair a Preschool Task Force at our church, and write the monthly newsletter for Duke Campus Club. In the past, I served on the Durham School Board.

I believe that my organizational skills, my leadership skills, and my desire to give back to a Club that provides me with exercise and interpersonal relations would make me a good Board member.  The Club has made big strides in recent years; I would like to be a part of continuing that trend and improving it even more.

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Elisabeth Miller

 I have been a Hollow Rock member for four years.  I joined looking for a place where I could play tennis during the day and over the years our family has become more involved with the club.  I play on USTA teams, my children participate in lessons with the pros, clinics and JTT tennis.  We enjoy attending social events and swimming at the pool.  We’ve truly found a great community and I would like to contribute to it.  

 I would like to join the board in order to keep the momentum of all the positive changes I have seen at the club since I became a member.  I would love to continue the focus on improving facilities, growing and strengthening member participation and engagement, and planning for future club and member needs.

 In a past life, I was an account consultant for an international software company based in the UK.  I worked with fortune 500 companies to manage global software implementations.  I have previously served six years on another board as both Treasurer (3 years) and President (3 years).  I have also been a member of the Hollow Rock tennis committee for the past year.

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Julie Spearman

My family first came to know Hollow Rock when my children attended 2 weeks of summer camp 4 years ago.  The next year we came back as Summer Members and following that we became Year Round Family members.  I had recently returned to tennis after taking a 15 year hiatus and was welcomed into the club and joined a USTA team right away.  I have since played on multiple tennis teams each season and enjoy bettering my game with our pros.  This spring I was co-captain for my night team and also played in a day USTA league.  I have thoroughly enjoyed making lots of new friends on the Hollow Rock tennis courts!

My two children have been on the swim team for the past 3 years and last year I took over as Parent Rep for the Hollow Rock/Stoneridge combined team.  Our team had over 150 swimmers from ages 4-18, with the vast majority being Hollow Rock members last year, and we are looking to grow that number this year. As Parent Rep, I brought some changes to the swim team including having online registration and a more convenient payment method for members, charging their Hollow Rock account.  I initiated evaluations for new swimmers to the team to help ensure that our coaches could focus on teaching swimming rather than basic water skills.  I also brought back personal best ribbons, so that swimmers could get rewarded for beating their previous best time, even if they were not a top finisher in the meet. This year we are continuing to focus on improving swimmer technique by dividing practices by ability, so that swimmers can better focus on the skills they need.  I have also added 2 new social events to the swim team calendar: a start of season Kick Off Party and an end of season Family Fun Night which have been very well attended. Last year our team was awarded the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League Sportsmanship Award, which is voted on by all the Parent Reps from the 8 member teams. Through the swim team, I interact with many of the families that are summer members at Hollow Rock and can provide input to the board on their wants and needs.

Outside of Hollow Rock, I have been a physical therapist for the past 15 years, now working mostly in nursing homes around the Triangle.  I serve on the Beautification Committee for my children’s school.  I enjoy gardening and planning adventurous vacations for my family.  This fall we are going to Mt. Rainer, Seattle, and Olympic National Park!

 I believe that I can bring a lot of ideas to the board on both the swimming and the tennis side to keep the current club members engaged and to continue to attract new members to the club.